The Naked Tarot Deck Program

Introducing Naked Tarot version 2.2.1, which now includes two types of tarot readings, a Five Card Spread, and a Celtic Cross spread. There is also an optional functionality to reaturn cards to the deck upside down, which we call a Gypsy deck. Here you can download your own computer tarot deck for your
own personal tarot readings and studies.

The Naked Tarot Deck Program Fantazine

The Naked Tarot Deck program is a Visual Basic executable made to behave like a deck of tarot cards. The deck features the visionary art of Davol White producing a deck in the traditions of Crowley's Thoth tarot arrangement, and the program can also be switched in Properties to a more traditional Golden Dawn like arrangement and design.

Introducing the computer tarot deck program that behaves like a deck of tarot cards.

Click to see how the program works.

Click here to download FOR FREE your own Computer Tarot Deck.

There is also the book Naked Tarot by Frater D. Click to read FOR FREE the E-Book.

Or visit Davol White dot com.

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