The Naked Tarot Deck Program

Introducing Naked Tarot Deck 4.1, the computer tarot deck program that behaves like a deck of tarot cards. This page provides the download, which is absolutely free for the price of bandwidth required to download about 50 megs of zip'd up program. This needs to be extracted from compression and will run on newer Windows 7 and Win 10 Operating systems. Sorry that took so long to recompile. Enjoy this computer tarot deck for free right here.

Click here to download your own Computer Tarot Deck.

If there are problems installing the program remember you need to be an administrator to install. The program needs to create a \programstuff folder where it exists. You should be able to uncompress and run the NakedTarot_v4.1.exe. Now you are ready to enjoy this virtual tarot deck.

Or visit Davol White dot com.

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