The Naked Tarot Deck Program

This page describes how the program functions and what you can expect from your naked tarot deck program. The NakedTarot_v1.3.2.exe may run on it's own on many Windows operatinig systems, but the download also includes a setup program. On newer Windows Operating Systems like Vista and Windows7 it is not recommended to replace new system files during installation with the older ones. After refusing to replace files during the installation the setup files can be copied to the install location in Program Files and the NakedTarot_v1.3.2.exe will run no problem.


When you first click on the program it will bring up this message to choose an existing deck or a new deck.

You should click No if you don't already have a saved deck.

The File menu allows you to Open, Close, Exit, or Save a deck. You can save multiple incarnations of the deck of cards as you please. Then you can open the deck in the order it was saved in order to continue a particular rotation of the deck.
The Properties also allow the user to change from a traditional tarot arrangement, or a Crowley Thoth Tarot deck. Also with version 2.2.1 you can now choose the Gypsie deck option allowing you to return cards to the deck upside down if you're into reading dignity that way. The gypsie deck will change the dignity of 0 to 2 cards with each shuffle.

The Close in the File menu can also be used to return all card on the table back to the deck. When this message asking if you want to close the deck without saving comes up you should answere 'NO', or else the program might just close the deck completely without saving it.

When the save deck message box comes up you can just say 'no' if you're only using Close to return cards to the deck.

Use the shuffle menu to shuffle the deck, or cut the cards once or twice.

There is also a Pick card function allowing the user to find any card in the deck or even pick a random choice based on a number for the card's place in the deck.

Now with the release of Naked Tarot version 2.2.1. you have two types of readings built right into the program. One is a basic 5 card spread that would be good for a daily reading.

Or there is a Celtic Cross reading complete with the option to first pick a quarant or not.

And you can go to the help menu and contents to explain these functions.

Plus a bit about this program.

When you click on the deck it draws a card off the top of the deck. Cards are returned to the bottom of the deck.

Clicking on a card brings up the card menu, which allows you to

enlarge a card.

Shrink a card.

Rotate a card.

Read the meaning of the card.

And return the card back to the deck.

These cards are the work of the visionary artist Davol White as instructed by the mysterious Frater D. This uniquely designed tarot deck is now released to the world, as well as the posterity of tarot.

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