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I'll be posting Fantazine Comics here for free so enjoy.

Fantazine Interactive is NOW HERE. This took several years and over three sketchbooks. Fantazine #10 will be my next comic creation after I take a break. To check out Fantazine Interactive,


Now the Naked Tarot Deck computer program is also a book by Frater D. This is now available as an E-book, and of course it is full of artwork and illustrations. Naked Tarot by Frater D is also a complete system of magick for the aspiring seeker of truth.
To check out the book, Naked Tarot by Frater D. CLICK HERE

If you liked the Aquari Trilogy then you'll probably LOVE the novel Aquari, which takes place before the Aquari Trilogy. This is now available as an E-book, and of course I've also provided the book with illustrations.
To check out the book, Aquari by DD White. CLICK HERE

Now you can read the next book by DD White. This takes place almost 5 billion years before the book Aquari. This is a story of the beginning of the legendary galactic culture called Nephapricus. In this story we follow the alien Captain Mynervood who leads the first space mission to the planet Doldoria.
To check out the book, Aquari by DD White. CLICK HERE

Thanks for checking out Fantazine. Meanwhile have a free tarot card program, which might take ten minutes or so to download. Do your own divination with a computer tarot deck.

It's here at last!! The Naked Tarot Program. Now version 2.2.1, which includes two types of readings built into it. You can do simple five card readings, or a Celtic Cross Spread. Naked Tarot version 2.2.1 also now includes the optional functionality to return cards to the deck upsidedown.
CLICK HERE to own your own computer tarot deck program.

CLICK HERE to view the multidimensional painting that makes the deck's court cards.

Fantazine #9 is here!
This is the final part of the Aquari Trilogy that began in Fantazine #4 and then continued in Fantazine #7. Now Aquari has become the artificially intelligent computerized satalite surveilence network that he once tinkered with when he first recognized it as the intelligent life on the planet he had been seeking.

To check out Fantazine #9,

Previous issues of Fantazine can still be read here.
To check out Previous issues of Fantazine, click here
Fantazine #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 and #8

You can buy artwork and T-shirts by Davol White here.

That's all I have so far but there is
more on the way.

Here are some other links of interest to me. Feel free to hang out, read stories, and explore artwork.

The Secret Gathering of Gnostics. These mystics release a Christmas card every year of art and explainations.
Click here for The Secret Gathering of Gnostics

The Mandelbrot Journey of the Magellan. At the beginning of our development of the Mandelbrot Inner-Space ship, we took our first successful ship known as "The Magellan", to Mandelbrot Island and back. This is the account of that historic journey into this amazing infinite fractal formula.
Click here for The Voyage of the Magellan

Or check out an animation of the latest version called the Parthenon.

Here is a multidimentional painting for you to explore.

The Camel Journey Poem.

This is my links page to all kinds of online comicbook competition. I think online comicbooks could become something big.
To learn more about Fantazine,


I appreciate the visit and will build you all a library of Fantazine's here where you can just hang out, read comics, and explore.

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