Fantazine The Voyage of the Parthenon

Here is the first animation of the newest version of our Mandelbrot ship formally dubbed 'the Parthenon' with a viewport in a magic square shape of which the famous Parthenon temple was also designed after. A bug was discovered and fixed in the Parthenon when zooming back to the original Mandelbrot. As the ship zooms back to become less then 200 times into the image the amount of times you zoom back in becomes equal to 20. Whatever this difference amounts to also needs to be applied to the values of the trx, and try numbers in order for the Mandelbrot to remain in the viewport. This can be manually done by a ship pilot with this knowledge, but the Parthenon actually has the fix programmed into it. Be patient with the .gif that's loading since it can take a few minutes for every frame to load, but then it should speed right up. Still tinkering with this interesting programming idea.

Here is another Parthenon animation 80,000 times beyond Mandelbrot Island

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