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Knight of Wands

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The face of the Sun symbol appears on this card to point out that this card is the highest form of fire. This Sun face is attributed to Chokmah the Sephiroth of the King of Tetragramaton, and has also been used elsewhere in the deck to symbolize the fiery sephiroth Geburah. The King of Wands is shooting a flaming arrow, which is the form that the wand of this card takes to serve also as the symbol for Sagittarius since the King of Wands represents a person with the temperament of a Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the Sun sign of blunt extroverted types who donít often mince words. They tend to champion highly idealistic grand causes such as world peace. This very tolerant person accepts others for what they are, but his forthrightness can sometimes be hurtful. They like to travel and have adventures, and are known to be the philosophical sign.

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