Christmas 2007

Itís once again time to write gnosis for the year explaining the latest black ink drawing affectionately known as the Christmas Card. This year the drawing returns to the astrological zodiac symbols for the margin theme. The decision was made because this year the artist has returned to the practice of intui-tarotmantic-horoscopes. This method is a personal invention synthesizing the practice of astrology with tarot readings, not to mention also a little ritual magik thrown in. After the dignities, exaltations, falls, detriments, oppositions, conjuncts, inconjuncts, squares, trines, and sextiles are figured out they are diagrammed about the margin of a notebook. This margin diagram includes Moon phases with attention to the northern and southern Nodes, where Moon and Sun orbits cross. The North Node determines time of decisive action, while the time to take things as they come is determined when the Moon is in the Southern Node. Once the astrological data is compiled for the period the Sun resides in a particular sign, the spirit of the tarot is invoked to shuffle a card for each day. The result of this reading is the intuitive jotting down of a daily horoscope that has shown uncanny results. This artist has been accustomed to this practice from years ago, but it became halted when the 20th Century Ephemeris required for intui-tarotmantic-horoscopes ran out of data. At last a 21st Century Ephemeris has finally been acquired, and intui-tarotmantic-horoscopes are on the way again, and should be good till the 22nd Century. Practice of divination like this can be a tool for establishing a relationship with the higher genius with whom everyone can potentially aquaint themselves. The omnipotent nature of the higher genius allows for the use of synchronicity through divination in order to make the pet human of the higher genius aware. Astrology began historically in Sumeria where the patriarch Abraham was born and raised. One assertion made before in these writings is that Abraham took astrology from Sumeria and refined the polytheistic elements of the Sumerian version into a monotheistic secret at the core of Jewish mysticism. This has evidently been accomplished by integrating another secret that the ancient Israelis found in Egyptian alchemy written into the four-lettered name of G-d known as Tetragrammaton. The four elements of Tetragrammaton weave through the signs of the zodiac fixed about the idea of Jehovah in the form of the Cherubim that surround G-dís throne as described in the Book of Ezekiel. This is a secret of the divine too profoundly great and terrible to find acknowledgement by the childish orthodox faiths of the Jehovah/Allah demi-urges who are currently edging us all toward a clash of civilizations.

In addition to featuring 12 astrological signs on the drawingís margin that represent the 12 types of temperaments found in all people according to astrology, there are also 12 different types of flowers growing off this margin. These are flowers in memory of the men and women who have fallen in this war recklessly started by our failure of a Commander in Chief. An apology is in order because of a statement written in the 2003 Christmas Card saying that this war might only go on for another year. That incorrect prediction has turned out to be mistaken optimism. In fact this war has no foreseeable end in sight, and may be incapable of ending by design. In addition to his "surge" announcement in January pissing off the American people, President Bush has also announced this September that he intends to hand this war off to his successor as is, staying the same downward spiral of a course. On top of that, Bush seems to be stirring up a war against Iran to make into the next Presidentís problem, and still his crimes donít merit impeachment from a Bush-butt-kissing Congress. This surge has created the bloodiest summer of the war contrary to fudged statistics used by front man General Petraeus to convince a dog and pony Congress that things are looking up in this "endless war". In May of 2007 the Department of Veteranís Affairs released the figure of 73,846 for the total Gulf War deaths. Granted this number probably reflects all deaths since the first Gulf War, but it also reflects something glaringly incorrect about the official number of 3,777 deaths for the war as of 9/7/2007. That official number has been grossly fudged toward downward also. In fact, if you are shot on the battlefield, and they get you on a helicopter still breathing, you will not be included in the number for dead soldiers if you should die before the helicopter lands. Only deaths actually occurring on the battlefield are included in the official number of the dead. Weíve gotten away with a nudge and a wink to the fact that truth is the first casualty of this war. Hell! Truth died before the war even started. A death that can be traced to soon after 9/11/2001. A nice thick book could be written about how this war fought with lies is undermining the mission of our troops. Actually, several such books on that subject currently jockey on the best seller lists. We canít effectively fight an enemy when delusions wonít let us see the enemy clearly because bigotry has blinded the average right-wing warmonger. One example of a lie that runs this war was told back in 2003 when Bushís budget advisor, Lawrence Lindsey, told Bush that his war would cost $200 billion and then he got fired. Thatís been Bushís reaction to a lot of truth, which has got in his face. The current price tag is now optimistically estimated to be more than $500 billion with an additional approval of over $200 billion more this fall.

It seems obvious to those paying attention that a similar series of firings and retiring was used to arrive at the General Petraeus character now running this war the way Bush wants it run with a positive spin the way Bush wants to hear about it. It looks like Bush vs. Reality. Who will win? A recent controversy was raised by a ad in the New York Times that made a play on words with the name Petraeus. We wonít repeat that out of respect for the General; however, this card is dedicated to the memory of a Colonel Ted Westhusing whose suicide has stained the reputation of General Petraeus with a scandal we perhaps ignore at our peril. Col. Ted Westhusing was a Catholic who taught English at West Point. He had volunteered for the Iraq war duty. His father would later be quoted in the T. Christian Miller book "Blood Money" that Lt. Col. Westhusing went to Iraq to "obtain verification" and "lend authenticity to his status, not only as a soldier but as an instructor at West Point." Westhusing had a masterís degree in philosophy from Emory. In his youth, he was the starting point guard on the basketball team at Jenks High School in Tulsa, OK. He was also a National Merit Scholar and a devout Christian. One canít help but raise an eyebrow at the fact that a sincere Catholic has committed the dreaded sin of suicide here. His father had served in the Korean War and the Navy Reserve, which no doubt influenced Tedís decision to start West Point in 1979. Soon after that he was made into Honor Representative on Cadet committee for his Company. By Westhusingís senior year he was Honor Captain for the whole school. Graduating 3rd in his class then led to service in the 82nd Airborne after also going through Ranger school. He went to Iraq to oversee training of Iraqi security forces when in January 2005 his superior General David Petraeus was appointed to lead U.S. forces in Iraq. Lt. Col. Westhusing was then promoted by Gen. Petraeus to full Colonel where the General says Westhusing "already exceeded the very lofty expectations that all had for him." In his new position overseeing training of all security forces in Iraq, Col. Westhusing worked with the Carlyle Group owned U.S. Investigations Services and Security Co., who had a 79 million dollar contract in Iraq. Col. Westhusing worked below two star General Joseph Fil and three star General David Petraeus when problems came to light over USIS expenses. Westhusing is quoted as describing them "cheating at every opportunity." Evidence was coming to light that several hundred weapons and radios had disappeared and ended up in insurgent hands. Some of this has been reported over the years in the news. Over 190,000 weapons have now been reported as missing while at the same time Defense Secretary Gates is complaining that we are not sending weapons to Iraq fast enough. Accusations were even surfacing that USIS had participated in the unjustified killing of Iraqis. According to Col. Westhusing, USIS had made a total failure of the operation, and had not provided what they were paid for. Immersed in the duty to confront these scandals an exasperated Col. Westhusing thought there was nothing he could do, and started exhibiting signs of depression. After serving a 6-month tour in Iraq with only a month left, Colonel Ted Westhusing was found in his room with a gunshot wound to the head along with this suicide note. "Thanks for telling me it was a good day until I briefed you. [Redacted name]- You are only interested in your career and provide no support to your staff Ė no msn [mission] support and you donít care. I cannot support a msn that leads to corruption, human right abuses and liars. I am sullied - no more. I didnít volunteer to support corrupt, money grubbing contractors, nor work for commanders only interested in themselves. I came to serve honorably and feel dishonored. I trust no Iraqi. I cannot live this way. All my love to my family, my wife and my precious children. I love and trust you only. Death before being dishonored any more. Trust is essential Ė I donít know who trust anymore. [sic] Why serve when you cannot accomplish the mission, when you no longer believe in the cause, when your every effort and breath to succeed meets with lies, lack of support, and selfishness? No more. Reevaluate yourselves cdrs [commanders]. You are not what you think you are and I know it. COL Ted Westhusing Life needs trust. Trust is no more for me here in Iraq."

A lot of what this man apparently killed himself over has come out in the news. Recently a mass firing occurred in the Interior Ministry of Iraq because they contributed to the sectarian killings of hundreds of people. This firing was a response this Summer to a released UN report that the police forces in Iraq should be liquidated and started over from scratch because theyíve become a paid army of sectarian genocideírs who nobody trusts. This scandal has even made it to television news, but Internet readers know it was at least a year ago that American forces stormed the building of the Interior Ministry in Iraq to expose a medieval dungeon in the building where people were being tortured. The ways are countless how that bit of trivia alone must be undermining the mission of a peaceful Iraq that can take care of itself. This yearís writing isnít occurring too soon to not be able to mention the latest glaring example of war profiteering no-bid contractors undermining the American mission. This September a trigger-happy Blackwater security convoy opened fire on 40 innocent bystanders and killed at least 10 at a busy intersection in Iraq. Suddenly itís a big deal to the American people that in addition to 160,000 surged troop numbers, there are over 130,000 additional contractors over there making a profit in the interest of "endless war." People are now being treated to news about last Christmas when a drunk Blackwater employee in the Green Zone had an argument with the Iraqi Vice Presidentís bodyguard, and shot him dead. He was quickly whisked back to America, and the matter was covered up with finger-pointing complicity on the part of the State Department. Suddenly the American people are figuring out, (and hopefully also our slower, dimmer-witted Congress/Senate), that we have given unchecked impunity through our war policy to profit driven industries who stand to profit and expand as long as the wars continue. We find ourselves running a war with the kind of profiteers who were flogged by offended peoples and politicians during previous wars, which were taught in history class. Wars are obviously cheaper, more efficient, more mission-focused when driven by the interests of U.S. Army soldiers who would much rather complete the mission and return home to the wife and kids, or just come home and get paid to watch the barracks television.

Meanwhile the war on terrorism continues as a marketing tool for military spending as well as diminishing Republican political careers. This yearís terrorist events involve 2 failed London car bomb attacks followed by a flaming truck driven into Glasgow Airport, all connected. Here in America, April was interrupted by a student at Virginia Tech. who shot and killed dozens of students before turning the gun on himself. In response, several events occurred across the country by a terrorized nation. This resulted in 10 University shutdowns over alleged terrorist threats ranging from scary graffiti on the bathroom wall to a U of Colorado student arrested for making remarks in class sympathetic to the Virginia killer. We get a lot of entertainment bang-for-our-buck from the Virginia Tech shooting story thanks to the shooter mailing a DVD of self-indulgent video to NBC during his shooting rampage. Meanwhile our fatally flawed privatized war effort rattles sabers in an effort to expand the war beyond Iraq to involve Iran. Earlier this year, 15 British Marines were captured by Iranian authorities for trespassing in Iranian waters. After a couple of weeks, the situation was diffused by the gracious release of the British soldiers on Mohammedís birthday the week of Easter. That Thursday, as if in response, Jalal Sharifi was released, who was the second secretary of the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad captured by some of those mysterious masked gunmen we have nothing to do with. Now the saber rattling for war against Iran has become deafening. It must be keeping Cheneyís pacemaker working or something. You would think our Iraq war lesson would make it clear to our ignorant country that it would be the worse kind of folly, and a reckless military suicide to expand this immoral war into Iran. Then there is Turkey ready to expand this war, and pounce on the northern Iraqi border against Kurdish terrorists from Turkey who are hiding in Iraqís northern mountains.

Returning now to the drawing: Connected to the flowers growing from the margin are some bees going about their essential tasks required in order for flowers themselves to continue to procreate into Earthís future. This vital connection between plant and insect extends in a chain that touches all ecosystems around the world. Advances in mapping out the entire human genome emphasize the fact that we are connected to everything around us from the smallest plant to the most advanced of animals. In fact all creatures on Earth from fly to human use the same set of master genes to create our basic anatomies. Bees are drawn on this yearís card to acknowledge that colonies of bees across the world have been dramatically dying off for up-ítil-now unknown reasons. Itís no stretch of the imagination to suspect some human endeavor being the cause of the mass bee die-off. One prime suspect has become the pesticide widely used across the world called imidacloprid, but letís not rush to that conclusion until more time is wasted gathering evidence. It doesnít help industryís case when, earlier this year, pet foods started killing peopleís pets, causing a massive recall after more than 39,000 dogs and cats died. Then the financial officer of Menu Foods Income Fund sold 14,000 unit shares for $102,900 on Feb. 26 and 27 right before the recall starts occurring. Evidently the wheat gluten we produce in the United States and send to China for processing had returned to us on the slow boat back tainted with a cheap plastic by-product called melanin. Pets across the country found this melanin impossible to digest, and died by the masses. Polar bears also cry out on this yearís drawing from their melting habitat like canaries dying in a mine shaft who serve as warnings for us. Polar bears are dying off these days along with the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) catchphrase used to describe the world wide deaths of bees. New systematic neonicotinoid pesticides are possibly the cause of CCD. In order to leave the world less condemned to struggle with painful changes we need to make in order to reverse global warming (which is sure to wipe out 2/3rds of the worldís polar bears by 2030), we have been treated to Michael Crichtonís new book, "State of Fear," to dispel the global warming myth. In the author of "Jurassic Parkís" new novel, his cardboard characters present compelling facts to shed doubt on the reality of global warming, which we all (evidently by mistake) think we are experiencing. Ann Coulter would love this book. You also can believe or disbelieve in global warming depending on what web sites you read. Some meteorological data on lesser-known cycles of the sun spot activity show a cycle happening around 2020 that will usher in another ice age to counter the global warming temperatures otherwise predicted to go off the charts in just a few years. New data has been compiled to show that the fine particle pollutants distributed into our atmosphere by jet aircraft in the form of chem-trails are actually reflecting more sunlight then the average cloud, and have been countering the effects of global warming all along. Data had actually been compiled to support this hypothesis during the time after 9/11/2001 when all American air traffic was grounded. Oh what to do? Fly more polluting planes to reflect more sunlight? Meanwhile the polar ice caps melt faster than previously predicted, and our carbon emissions canít be so quickly let off the hook.

There will be no solving problems while this corporate fascist coup continues its war-profiteering wars. Halliburton has had the audacity to move its head quarters to Dubai as a haven from paying taxes to its US government benefactor. Howís that for gratitude? This could only fly in a country where the Halliburton CEO-made-Vice President can be asked if there is a conflict of interest between him and the war contracts for his former employer. The Vice President says "no" with a straight face, and thatís the end of the story. "Move along! Nothing to see here!" During a recent G8 Summit in Germany, US agents were caught smuggling explosives allegedly as a security test. Evidence has surfaced that Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, along with Wolfowitz were involved in pre-war activities in Turkey trying to smuggle WMD material into Iraq that was thwarted by Brewster Jennings and Associates. Brewster Jennings and Associates was the CIA front company managed by ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame at the time. On the drawing, a modern icon symbol for standing up to this corruption rubbed in our face takes the form of the tank scene from the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre where the figure of the man who confronted the line of tanks is surrounded by this yearís pentagram symbol. This image, duplicated around the world, became a powerful icon of the struggle of common people against an aggressive over-bearing state. The man in the scene was quickly whisked away, perhaps by friends, and may have survived the ensuing crack down on Tiananmen protesters. The man appeared to just be walking home from the store, and had apparently had enough of the military crackdown on domestic life. He just taunted the tanks pitting his own body against the conscience of his fellow countrymen within those tanks. He has come to profoundly represent the natural form of democracy taking over the world as our collective populations of common folk exponentially grow. In spite of draconian methods by the Chinese government to suppress this kind of imagery, the world became well acquainted with the protests in China, and in particular this image of one man defiantly standing against a line of tanks. Soon after these events, China transformed itself into a more capitalistic and democratic kind of communism that has proven to be an economic coup in the world of today. This seems to be at a cost showing itself in the form, so far, of poison pet food and lead-painted childrenís toys from China. Earlier this year news came out during immigration debates about a corporate fascist friendly idea of establishing a working class of immigrants who can work far below minimum wage at "jobs the average American doesnít want." Putting aside the argument that there are jobs out there that Americans donít want, surely if an underpaid sub-class is created in America for immigrants it wonít be long before actual Americans are pushed into it. In May 2007 the President signed the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive granting himself dictatorial powers as well as the suspension of Congress and the Constitution in the event of an emergency. Now millions of mortgages with fluctuating interest rates are defaulting, causing another Bush era loan bankruptcy scandal not entirely unlike the Savings and Loan scandal of his fatherís Presidency. The Federal Reserve along with European banks have responded to the mortgage scandal by manufacturing over 150 billion dollars in new currency. There are other times in history when money was just manufactured to fix problems resulting in failure and economic collapse.

Is it time for a working class revolt in America like the 1989 revolt in China? Communism took over Russia and China around the turn of the last century intending to create a "classless society." Marx and Engels believed the working class revolts were inevitable. It appears to have failed because extremely autocratic communist states had developed to oppress the working class. The Tiananmen Square massacre and similar revolts in Russia around the time of Yeltsin have ushered in a new freedom for the working class of these two countries. The people of these countries were raised on the writings of communist philosophy (treated as taboo here in America) that encourage revolts by the working class. Thatís what the manifesto is all about which no doubt shows us why our business owner friendly capitalist system finds communism so distasteful. "Workers Unite!"

Today revolts are occurring in Burma where a military junta has taken over, and renamed the country Myanmar. Protests in the streets have featured Buddhist monks who then went suddenly conspicuously missing after vicious crackdowns. News leaking out past the state controlled media reported 10 deaths on Sept. 27th, but then we all woke up on Sept. 28 to news of over 200 deaths. Now that number has climbed into the thousands. We can argue back and forth about communism, socialism, corporate fascism, and democracy, but the truth is that as populations in the world grow, a natural form of democracy takes the form of regular people demanding regular lives. This probably touches close to what Marx and Engels had observed of which the theory of communism is a conclusion. Basically whatís happening is that the assholes in the world are becoming outnumbered, folks. We roughly feed this up-to-no-good government over 2 trillion dollars a year in taxes, and the solution isnít to abolish and cripple the government, itís to spend that 2 trillion dollars wisely. Call that "socialism" with hate-filled spit flying through your teeth, but still the solutions to all our problems are in that simple truth. Spend the tax money wisely. We deserve better for our tax dollars than a government always up to no good, undermining the interests of the majority for the enrichment of the already rich.

Speaking of up to no good, new evidence has come to light this year through a court case involving Terry Nichols who was convicted along with the executed Timothy McVeigh for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. In 1994 prior to the bombing, the ATF - through agent Harry Everhart - did experiments with ammonia nitrate fuel oil truck bombs for a secret government project called operation Dipole Might. Harry Everhart happened to be at the actual scene of the OKC bombing and was one of the original people who called authorities that day. Another interesting bit of trivia about that day is that the first appointed judge in the original OKC case, Judge Wayne Alley, had to recuse himself from the trial when it became revealed that he was warned to stay away from the Murrah Federal Building in the days before the bombing. We can go further back to the 1993 WTC bombing to point out well-documented proof that FBI agents have been enabling terrorist events. Now we are hearing evidence in court about an agent in contact with Timothy McVeigh before the OKC bombing who assisted him with a robbery in order for McVeigh to acquire money to purchase his bomb materials. Even the airport scare depriving plane travelers of liquid to this day began with a bogus FBI sting operation. There was a plot by domestic terrorists loyal to Allah to shoot up Ft. Dix that was infiltrated a year before they even attempted to buy weapons. Then there was the plot to blow up the Kennedy Airport fuel tanks, which was masterminded by a certified retard also repeating the pattern of FBI assistance before the fact. Sloppy entrapment scams are a pathetic excuse for a war on terrorism. Even the Army has been caught in court pumping up killed insurgent numbers by planting weapons on the ground as bait, and then shooting Iraqis who walk by and pick them up. Adding to the pile of glaring evidence of the government being up to no good, the official 9/11 story that WTC 7 fell in on itself on its own had a wrench thrown in it recently. Now YouTube viewers can watch BBC news footage from that day announcing the collapse 20 minutes too early. While the on-the-scene BBC reporter announces the unexpected fall of the building with surprise the actual building itself is still standing in the background behind her not to fall for another 20 minutes. Attorney firings in Nov./Dec. 2006 have bloomed into a scandal over it being for political reasons. This actually turns out to be another example of them legalizing the abuse of power since Attorney General Gonzalez used a legal provision sunk into the USA Patriot Act to replace the Attorneys without Congressional oversight. Congress says they will re-think that piece of the Patriot Act.

Too bad Congress doesnít realize that legalizing the abuse of power will lead immediately to the abuse of that power. Thatís obviously why the Administration wants abuse legalized in the first place. That always was the reason our leaders didnít do this sort of thing before. Meanwhile Gonzalez has lost his job and is gone now because of his smirking lies, with which he handled the whole affair. The tide appears about to turn. Hopefully thatís not just the optimism talking again. There is also another lesser known scandal Gonzalez is connected with from years ago while he was the Bush appointed Justice on the Texas Supreme Court. He and Justice Johnny Sutten blocked a Texas Ranger investigation by Brian Burzynski into pedophilia rampant in every office of the Texas Youth Commission. Here we have another shade of the Franklin scandal of the 1990s, which was also connected to bankrupt savings and loans during a Bush Presidency. While a privileged class gets away with embezzlement, election rigging, homosexual solicitations in public restrooms, and pedophilia, Bush turns around and commutes the 2 Ĺ year prison sentence of "Scooter" Libby who was convicted of obstruction as well as being full of shit. To top off our list of government being up to no good in 2007, letís add the over 800 prison camps in the United States established through the KBR contract from over a year ago. These 800 prison camps are currently empty, but staffed and operational. These camps are operated by FEMA, and are just a Presidentís signature along with that of the Attorney Generalís away from filling up (with "liberals"?) in the event of martial law. They supposedly exist for the event of an immigration emergency, but letís not kid ourselves. Of course times could get so crazy that we would be herded onto trains to frequent these 800 empty concentration camps that are currently ready here in America. Just in this crazy time we currently live in, the Boeing subsidiary Jeppensen DataPlan is being sued by a former British resident of Guantanamo for over 70 rendition flights that were facilitated on behalf of the CIA to secret torture prison locations. Thatís what we call "better than fiction." Why put anything past these power abusers? In America the only ones we see standing up are tax evaders like Ed and Elaine Brown who were finally apprehended this summer after a tense stand off for several weeks involving FBI forces and tanks with the press kept well out of the way of view. We writers who harbor socialist (spend the 2 trillion in tax dollars responsibly) ideals donít encourage tax evasion. However, maybe we all would be working less in America if our tax system were not directly linked to how much we all worked. Thatís not the kind of tax cut anybody is talking about.

Itís time to stand up for the truth, and like the man in the picture, confront this abuse of power. This is no time to be the kind of nation who can have 3 controlled demolitions paraded on television for all to see, and just believe without question the official story that it was the first and only time in history buildings have imploded within a second of free-fall speed because of fires. This year Rosie OíDonnell questioned the collapse of WTC 7, which is suspicious to any reasonable human being, and before you know it she is pressured off the show "The View" before her contract even completes. Even the National Institute for Standards and Technology acknowledges this year that it canít explain why those buildings fell down into their footprints. Why is the media lending such a zealous hand at suppressing valid questions about the worse terrorist event in US history? Even the "liberal?" Bill Maher is back on television with nothing nice to say to 9/11 Truth seekers, and he lost his last show "Politically Incorrect" because of a politically incorrect comment comparing the courage of suicide bombers to that of US aircraft pilots who were bombing Afghanistan from above at the time. This isnít rational, and does not compute in a non-Nazi, non-PRAVDA, non-brainwashed country like America is supposed to be. This year a group called Pilots for 9/11 Truth finally obtained black box data for Flight 77 that allegedly hit the Pentagon on 9/11. What they finally received was data for a plane that flew too high to have hit the Pentagon at all, and therefore certainly wouldnít have hit the ground floor. Yet the media itself confronts calls for a real investigation more violently and hate-filled than any AM radio rant against the Clintons. We donít need to get on the train to the KBR Summer Camps. We can use our numbers against the renditioning, torturing, country wrecking, war mission undermining assholes in the world and solve some real problems. This yearís drawing also shows waters rising to engulf everything if nothing is done. This rising salt water could also be a profound solution to one of the problems currently haunting mankind. Recently John Kanzius was looking for an alternative to chemotherapy by killing cancer cells with radio waves. While experimenting with that, he discovered a certain radio wave frequency that turns common salt water into burning fuel. Granted, it requires energy to ignite common salt water in the form of a radio wave emitter, but it can fuel the internal combustion engine of a car with absolutely no carbon signature. Maybe not a solution to a fuel crisis, or even something a solution could be built upon, but at least it opens our minds to the fact that solutions are out there.


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