Christmas 2009



            This year’s design was inspired by daily bus rides past railroad shipping yards.  A genuine art movement is on display almost every day at places like that in the form of graffiti on the sides of boxcars.  This year’s design attempts to mimic the graffiti style of art found on the sides of trains.  This style of artwork is much appreciated, however it remains a mystery to this artist who is not formally initiated into this style of urban art.  Trains imply commerce and business, as well as progress and direction.  This is the year a bank bailout deal was carried out after being negotiated as the Bush administration was just completing its 8-year long attempt to loot the US Treasury dry.  Banks that failed to properly regulate themselves after the deregulation frenzy at the turn of the century had orchestrated a complete failure of Wall Street and the world economy.  US taxpayers bailed out the “too-big-to-fail” banks with trillions of dollars apparently in order to avoid another Great Depression.  Already over 100 banks have failed this year, and have been taken over by the FDIC.  The banks and Wall Street are now doing fine, and the “end of recession” has been announced by Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, while the country still looses jobs with unemployment at 10% and still climbing.  Banks were handed hundreds of billions of dollars to encourage continued lending, but the banks have hoarded the money and used it to take over smaller banks.  That’s another classic example of how the government likes to solve problems with the problems themselves.  Is this a bailout or a swindle?!?  End of recession for who!?!  The trains on this year’s card would imply a change of direction if they were not going in a circle.  The world at large seems encouraged by a change of direction, and the newly elected President Obama has been awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, just for appearing to be that change of direction.  Ironically right after the President is informed of this distinguished honor he then met with his generals to discuss escalating the Af/Pak war that is now 8 years old.  That used to just be called the Afghanistan war.  Last August a forged Barack Obama birth certificate was submitted in federal court by a makeshift lawyer named Orly Taitz, who defends military personnel refusing duty on the grounds that the President is somehow illegitimate.  She happens to be a Russian immigrant with duel US/Israeli citizenship, and she quickly ran off to visit relatives in the Israeli West Bank after submitting the forged document in federal court in a deliberate attempt to fraudulently discredit the US President.  After that was thrown out of court she came back from “vacation” to submit another completely different forged Obama birth certificate and the judge has threatened to send her to jail if she does it again.  This anti-Democrat President mischief is all too familiar since feeling like the only one in the world being offended by that during the Clinton Presidency in the 1990’s.  In light of the fact that the very Caucasian President Bill Clinton had the same hate-filled right wing animosity directed at him, it’s probably a mistake to interpret this opposition as primarily racist.  On the other hand, protesters showing up at Obama appearances in the deep south armed with loaded pistols and rifles will be doomed by posterity and the rest of the world to be viewed as another enduring echo from a pre-civil rights racist America. 

            In other current events, last November 2008 a small group of armed terrorists attacked several hotels and terminals in Mumbai India.  Hundreds were killed, and one of the terrorists was taken alive.  They were from Pakistan of course.  In January 21, 2009 another Virginia Tech incident occurred when Xin Yang, 22, from China had her head decapitated in the cafeteria with a kitchen knife used by 25 year old Haiyang Zhu of Ningbo China.  It’s also recently come to light that the 2007 Virginia Tech shooter Seyng Hai Cho had been treated at the college counseling center before the 2007 shooting.  The center’s former director Robert Miller had removed the records.  On February 13, 2009 a commuter jet crashed into a house in Buffalo NY.  A plane falling out of the sky has actually happened several times this year, becoming a theme for 2009 of sorts.  This Buffalo NY incident was about a month after another jet had problems and then had to make an emergency landing in the Hudson river.  In April some Somali pirates attempted to hijack a cruise ship.  They ended up in a lifeboat with the captain as a hostage only to be taken out by US Navy snipers.  A US Congressman from New Jersey, Donald Payne, was visiting Somalia soon after this and was fired on by mortar fire on his way out of the country.  Iceland appears to be the latest country going bankrupt with help from the IMF.  All this is happening while billionaires are still multiplying in this world, becoming their own social class, or breed of species, or whatever the hell they are.  In June 2009 Italian police apprehended two Japanese who were crossing into Switzerland.  The Japanese travelers had in their possession $134 billion dollars worth of (apparently genuine) US Treasuries Bonds.  Not a lot more reporting about that story since surfacing in the news back in June.  In August 2009 the convicted Lockerbie Scotland Flight 103 plane bomber was released to return to Libya a free man because he is dying of cancer.  This appears to be a deal made after his sluggish appeal process was about to come around with a case to prove he had been framed for the 1988 bombing all along.  In other 2009 news, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has been ousted in July by a military coup.  It does seem that the only real change in the last year is an intangible optimism because it could be worse, and it probably has been.  Bush could still be President.  That is something to think about.

            A new Nobel Prize winning President obviously wants to move forward focusing on the positive, and these Christmas essays want to do that too, but there is no going forward without returning to the wrong turns of the past and revelations by the 9/11 Truth movement.  There is soon to be a new Homeland Security building to house the bad idea based on fraudulent 9/11 Commission conclusions that spawned it.  There will be no dismantling the US Patriot Act, 2006 Military Commissions Act, 9/11 Commission Report, domestic electronic eavesdropping, torture policy, and tax cuts for the rich during wartime COUP DE TAT, without first revisiting those mistakes.   Already 6 out of 10 original 9/11 Commissioners admit the whole report is fraudulent and based on obvious lies fed them by the government.  In July Sibel Edmonds did an interview on the Mike Malloy Show where she let slip past her Bush-imposed gag order that the US had been working with Bin Laden and the Taliban up till the day of 9/11/2001.  That is explosive information that explains the gag order on her all these years.  The spy network correspondence she was translating for the FBI included the Uighurs in Xinjiang China, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.  In other 9/11 Truth news a recording of a 9/11 Flight 93 cell phone call by Flight 93 passenger CeeCee Lyles has surfaced on the Internet this year.  Aside from it sounding kind of scripted, at the end as she starts to cry and seems to be refusing to hang up, you can hear a struggle and then a female voice whispers, “you did great.”  That call can probably still be found on YouTube, or else google knows all.  Her husband who received this call while in bed says in an interview that he thought he dreamt the call at first because cell phones didn’t work on airplanes before new technology was installed in 2003, but there it was.  His cell phone recorded it.  David F Wherley who commanded the 113th Fighter Wing at Andrews AFB on 9/11 died in a strange train crash in Washington DC last June 2009.  It has also come to light that Warner Bros. executives working at the World Trade Center on 9/11 were warned of “something big,” before 9/11/2001 and they were all sent to different parts of the country on that day.  Last but not least in 9/11 Truth news, the big 9/11 news of 2009 is the published peer reviewed research study in a chemistry journal, The Open Chemical Physics Journal, vol.2, (25), 2009, which presents evidence proving that the dust left all over Manhattan by the 9/11 building collapses contains microscopic particles of unexploded nano-thermite.  This is different than regular thermite because it can only be produced in a patented process that uses nano technology to finely mix components on a molecular level.  The US government has owned the patent for nano-thermite since it was invented in the late 1990’s. 

            Three of the train cars on this year’s design have graffiti.  Whatever the train graffiti that appears across America actually says seems to be anyone’s guess.  It appears that what is said is supposed to be deliberately distorted and hidden by the design.  The upper left boxcar with a load of coal attempts this style of graffiti by saying ‘slv et PrBlmo.’  So what problems are out there to be solved in addition to 9/11 controlled demolitions?  Between 2001 and 2005 over 40 microbiologists had died of mysterious circumstances like missing break fluid, shootings, stabbing, and questionable suicides.  This doesn’t seem to be happening as much anymore but it is still happening.  There is a recent scandal that actually happened back on August 26th, of a failed attempt to poison 6 microbiologist researchers at Harvard with the deadly poison sodium azide in a shared coffee machine.  All microbiologist victims over the years were involved in government, or government contractor work with bio-terrorism, pandemics, and anthrax.  When President Obama was in Mexico on April 16, Felipi Solis escorted him through the National Anthropology Museum.  Felipi Solis then died the next day with “flu-like” symptoms.  This was at the beginning of a swine flu epidemic that blossomed in Mexico City or maybe San Diego, and then spread throughout the world in a couple of weeks.  It turns out to be a very unique hybrid of swine-bird-and human flu formally dubbed A/H1N1.  Some say this very deadly swine flu, which is rebounding in the fall at the time of this writing, was manufactured by a CDC supported corporation named Novortis who is now profiting from production of the vaccine.  That’s a google rumor to be taken for what it’s worth.  Just to add to our corporate chemical problems is a slowly percolating consensus that the insecticide Micro Encapsulated Methyl Parathion may be the nerve gas destroying the bee populations of the world.  The question is whether that fact is more true than the profit to be had by that chemical’s continued use?  A tally of current problems would only be incomplete without mentioning war.  North Korea has quieted down lately after ex-President Bill Clinton pulled a diplomatic coup to free two Americans who were captured for crossing the border.  All Bill Clinton had to do was visit North Korea.  It was just that simple.  North Korea had been much noisier earlier this year.  On May 25 an earthquake was felt in South Korea after North Korea tested a nuclear bomb underground.  Then just a couple days later on May 27, 2009 a 7.0 earthquake happened in Honduras.  Honduras should be able to sue North Korea for shaking up the planet like that.  In America the 798th Munitions Maintenance moved to Minot Air Force Base as a new headquarters in a shakeup that includes Commander Colonel Christopher Ayres of 91st Missile Wing Command being relieved of duty.  Minot AFB was where 4, (or was that 5?) armed nuclear missiles were mistakenly flown to another base a year or so ago.  After that, inspections ensued to find that sensitive parts that were supposed to be destroyed had been taken home as souvenirs instead.  After two trucks carrying nuclear equipment turned over this year it has become clear that America’s nuclear security has indeed been compromised, probably more than we want to know. 

            This year was ushered in with a war between Israel and the Gaza strip that shocked the rest of the world while Israeli solders massacred over 1500 Palestinians where more than two thirds were just regular civilians.  That accomplishment requires a lot of war crimes to be committed like indiscriminate use of white phosphorous being used to kill instead of for illumination, and the inexcusable destruction of the UN compound as well as schools full of children.  Gaza was invaded and bombed by Israel in response to a couple Israelis who were killed since November 4th 2008 when Hamas began rocket attacks again after a 2008 cease fire agreement had been broken.  The world seems collectively taken aback by the viscous and institutionally racist hatred on the part of both civilian and military Israelis that fueled and drove this Gaza massacre.  Gaza has suffered from an embargo for over two years now because Hamas won the democratic election in 2006.  Hamas politicians are still in prison for that crime of winning the 2006 election, which was encouraged by Bush Administration foreign policy at the time.  In Iraq on March 22, 2009 the government fired 62,000 employees of the Interior Ministry because of corruption charges.  It was the Interior Ministry building in Baghdad a couple years ago where a torture chamber was discovered filled with suffering victims.  Erik Prince, the founder of the mercenary company Blackwater, (now called Xe,) is currently on trial for being directly involved with murders of witnesses participating in an FBI investigation into his company.  Meanwhile a new Blackwater-like company has emerged in Hardin Montana with a contract to play a role as local police and to control an empty prison facility in what looks like a further development of the FEMA camps setup across the country.  The empty FEMA prisons across America news was the story of a previous Christmas card.  It is possible that this particular empty prison facility is about to house leftover prisoners from Guantanomo Bay after America’s most popular concentration camp is finally closed.  Election fraud continues with news from a report released by computer scientists of Ohio, which states that ES&S Touchscreen voting machines can be maliciously calibrated in the field to favor one candidate over another.  Another story that is related to election fraud cases involving Karl Rove surfaced when on December 19, 2008 a single engine plane crashed into a house at 2017 Charolais Street NW in Lake Township Ohio.  The plane was being flown by pilot 45 year old Michael Connell who had been a prominent Republican political consultant in IT matters, and he died in that crash.  Michael had sought protection by Attorney General Mukassey from threats by Karl Rove who could be implicated in the reopened investigation of the 2004 election fraud.  Michael Connell was the one who setup the “off the books” email accounts that were then destroyed thwarting several investigations including the political firing of US Attorneys, and the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame.  He had mentioned to a colleague that he was “being thrown under the bus” by Bush and Rove.  A friend warned him that his plane might be sabotaged.  He had already cancelled two flights because of suspicious problems.  Earlier this year it looked like the end of the Afghanistan war could be just a legitimate election away, but now a run-off is being arranged because Karzai’s 55% win looks to be made up mostly of two thirds election fraud.  Obviously a legitimate election as well as government in Afghanistan is easier said than done.  

            It would be too easy to go on and on about problems, but it would be a better writing to include some solutions.  The next train car on the top right side of this year’s design appears to be the letters NRG, spelling ‘energy’ in graffiti language.  The point is that the next stage in our evolution as the human species is probably to acquire more energy than we know how to use.  Lately it has appeared that this is as simple as thinking outside a fossil fuel, centralized energy box.  Already clean solar and wind energy facilities are going up to re-energize America and make us independent of the oil countries we currently find so strategic.  Up till now we’ve relied on centralized sources of energy, which now appear to be in a transition to decentralized sources.  Ultimately this can take the form of a windmill on every rooftop that feeds extra energy into the 21st Century’s modern electrical grids.  The decentralizing, multiple source strategy approach is sure to ultimately provide more energy than we know what to do with.  That is likely to also make us independent of more than just foreign oil interests as energy becomes cheaper and cheaper to the point of becoming a basic human right.  Earlier this year a pretty expensive hot fusion experiment was unsuccessful because of equipment problems.  Also these days the discredited experiments in cold fusion by Pons and Fleichmann are possibly becoming established science.  Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons announced cold fusion success on March 23, 1989.  They observed a nuclear fusion process caused by electrolysis of heavy water on a palladium electrode.  Anomalous heat was produced of a magnitude similar to a nuclear reaction.  They reported that nuclear reactor by-products had been produced in the form of neutrons and tritium.  The temperature rise would occur at some point in the process only in some of the experiments, without any difference in the power input.  These phases of extreme heat would last for two or more days, and during the experiments when this did occur they were able to reproduce the experiment several times.  In 1990 the National Cold Fusion Institute compiled 92 groups of researchers from 10 different countries that reported success and excess heat as well as other nuclear effects.  Cold fusion however, still remains elusive and laughed at by the mainstream, yet low energy nuclear reaction experiments are currently uncovering a new energy science that will be a hybrid of chemistry and physics.  As the age of quantum physics rages on, a science of quantum biology seeks to unlock the uncanny processing power of the human mind.  Life is beginning to be understood as a molecular process in quantum biology, as has been written about by D. V. Nanopoulos in a paper called “Theory of Brain Function, Quantum Mechanics, and Superstrings.”  The q-bit would replace the linear bit by, instead of using just 1’s and 0’s, using a whole range of states equivalent to the quantum particle states of subatomic particles.  The idea of quantum computation, based on a q-bit instead of the current computing bit, can potentially take computer technology beyond the silicone chip.  All these ideas, and lots more to include ideas yet to happen are converging on the horizon of our future to potentially solve all our energy resource, pollution, and food problems.  It’s unclear however, if more energy would have a good or bad effect on the problem of war, which is just in the way of a brighter future. 

            With more energy than we need we can proceed to the next phase of our evolution as a species.  On February 12, 2009 the first ever collision of two satellites occurred sending over 500 new pieces of space debris into orbit.  The ride to the future is beginning to get interesting.  NASA bombed the Moon recently with a satellite that crashed into it in order to establish by analyzing the dust plume if there is any water to be found on our planet’s familiar companion.  There is current speculation of a Moon colony by the year 2020.  As the Sun entered Leo in 2009 the longest eclipse in a long time happened in the Northern Hemisphere around Asia and Europe.  Similar to this eclipse of the Moon and Sun, astronomers have begun detecting planets around other stars by noticing the faint dimming that is caused by the shadow of a passing planet in the star’s orbit.  This is why the third piece of graffiti on the left side boxcar says Gliese581c.  That’s the third planet around the neutron star Gliese581, which happens to exist in an orbit within habitable temperatures known as a star’s habitable zone, where a planet may have liquid water.  Gliese581c is 1 ˝ times the size of Earth with a mass that’s 5 times our planet’s mass.  So far astronomers have looked for these planets, called exoplanets, beyond our star system in this way only around smaller dimmer stars because of the light resolution problems.  This year however, a new telescope similar to the famous Hubble has gone up into orbit in order to find exoplanets that exist around brighter stars.  So far astronomers have discovered 220 exoplanets like Gliese581a, Gliese581b, Gliese581c, Gliese581d, and Gliese581e, which appear on this year’s design as names on boxcars along with a fuel car with Gliese581 written on the side.  The possibly habitable planet depicted on this year’s design is 20.5 light years away, orbiting a star that is 50 times cooler and 1/3 the size of our star Sol.  The ringed sphere in the upper left corner is not a moon because it is actually the Neptune size planet Gliese581b.  That planet is actually close enough to be this visible from Gliese581c as it orbits the neutron star Gliese581 every couple days.  The year on Gliese581c lasts only 13 days in this mini star system that Earth humans have found out there amid the tapestry of billions and billions of stars in our galaxy.  The planet is different, even alien compared to ours, where the local star fills most of the sky along the horizon, yet here astronomers conclude that water can possibly exist in all three of its solid, liquid, and gas forms.  Water in a habitable zone seems like the only prerequisite for life around here.  That is why a plant grows on this far away planet seen in the lower right corner of the picture.  In the lower left corner are what look like human footprints walking up the shoreline of a far away ocean.  Looking around the universe shows structures that are primarily spheres, and disks that orbit spheres.  String theory currently speculates that an 11th dimension exists beyond our own.  That is allowing string theory to evolve into M theory since in the 11th dimension dozens of different kinds of potential universes can exist as membranes.  According to M theory our own universe is like the sparks that are thrown off when two 11th dimension membranes collide.  Just looking at images from Hubble can give one the impression that all of this flaming spinning reality out there does look a lot like sparks flying off of pieces of heavy metal as they scrape together.  This theory helps explain the weakness of the force of gravity compared to the other fundamental forces of the universe because according to M Theory we share the force of gravity with other membranes in the 11th dimension.  Perhaps these other dimensions can someday bridge the impenetrable distance to planets around other stars.  So what’s a newly evolved species with more energy than they know what to do with to do?  It looks like finding these other planets outside our star system is well past the first step toward going there.  All great journeys begin with a single step.


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