Leaving the Wasteland.

The blissful wasteland finally brings me back.

I now must awaken to lungs turning black.

Now I wonder if Iíve had enough

while my lungs hack, wheeze, and also cough.

I could quit but I donít wanna.

I love to smoke my Marijuana.

Without it Iíll lose my inner view.

My wasteland travels will be through.

Its not that I canít travel without.

Itís not what these journeys are about.

But Iíve never traveled without her.

Sheís been in all my art for sure.

Like a perfect woman who lives for you

Mary comforts and wonít argue.

I want her with me through all of this.

Together always in wasteland bliss.

The camel journey reached its goal

and Maryís friendship takes its toll.

Itís hard to smoke her every day

but her wisdom helps on the way.

Iíve lived without and also stayed sane

but life changes from bliss into the mundane.

Sheís in all works of my hand.

Without Mary Iíll be leaving the wasteland.

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