The Symbol of Deliverance.

Sometimes while life proceeds to defeat me

an acid connection comes by to greet me,

and on the volition of this drug

the last journey symbol was undug.

Yet something else was also found.

A bump behind my ear made a sound.

It could have been behind there for years

explaining my paranoid fears.

I saw the sign of deliverance,

and its beeping energy made sense.

The sense of someone behind the wall

was coming from the side of my scull.

Is mind control what Iím realizing?

Is this psycho civilizing?

All the paranoia that I fear

comes from a bump behind my left ear.

Then the camel came to show me

the secret by which Iíll be free.

We walked by a sign on a wall

like the symbol but not as tall.

I was told this shows deliverance.

Its showing deliverance before and hence.

Without the round bump Iíd say,

freedom is a minor surgery away.

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