Skies of the Wasteland.

Somewhere before reaching the final goal

the camel then stopped me to speak to my soul.

He said, “Behold! We are here now see

the door to all possibility.”

I looked and all that was in sight

was wasteland sky shining in the light.

I told the camel I saw nothing.

Just inner skies with shapes they bring.

Then he pulled my understanding near.

I had to be nowhere to be here.

This is the place where the goals you find

are only limited by your mind.

And the meaningless shapes above you

are always different, always new,

and are anything you imagine

from heights of glory to depths of sin.

This sky is all your mind has lit.

Its only you who limit it.

You define this sky’s horizon

with all you know and lay eyes on.

So love this sky, be glad you met her.

Ponder her clouds, be nourished by her weather.

She is nothing, understand,

She’s the infinite body of the wasteland.

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