A Left Hand Path

My guiding camel turned to me to say,

“Much of mind is hidden, I don’t know the way.”

I implored for him to show this sight.

He said, “The watch I wore on my right

must be removed and then be heft

to the other arm, worn on the left.”

The camel told me to stay like this

and as I wonder where time is

I turn to the left to do the math.

From there I will find the left hand path.

And thus when you arrive at that day

you will then travel the left hand way.

As a youthful child I must learn to write

and confused memory I fight.

Although enduring this is a pain

its wrong to ignore half of your brain.

So I will raise this inner child

exploring memories compiled

onto a different text and thus

I will become ambidextrous.

Now I write this from the left hand side,

controlled by right brain where camel and I ride.

The two sides of my nature

evolve, while on the left hand path I mature.

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