Falling Into Waters

Of Emotion.

My camel and I on the mental plane

high above all emotions, pleasure, and pain,

watched mental shapes above in the air

evolving above us while we stare.

Into images I could see

that looked like past memories to me,

which would replay themselves in my mind,

into dreams that were multi-lined,

and began to descend from the ski

made of air that let thinking stay dry.

So my thoughts took the shape of water

which above matterís plane would totter

and cast shadows across the earthly ground

where my waking dream can be found

and be affected by emotion

gathering above like an ocean.

Not completely reality,

but real to me from where I see.

So from the air where I stood tall

into these waters I must fall.

So I left the camel on the shore

and began falling back to emotionís door

Till the camel stopped my urge

by saying that I seemed to be on the verge.

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