Vision of Music Shapes.

Once the journey has at last met its goal

there is just the journey to affect the soul.

On the way to appreciate her

I use music as the narrator.

So as I linger on my way

I can hear what music has to say.

Musical fantasies I wish on,

reach a visual fruition.

The music dancing before my eyes

from behind unconscious not disguised.

This musicís been with me on my path

down lonely roads and at every bath.

Like a real lover and a truest friend

this musicís with me till the end.

Like a video on the store rack

this music will be my lifeís soundtrack.

With tunes and lyrics cruel and kind,

this musicís affected my mind.

Itís too late to change or regret.

The music wonít let me forget.

My music with what radios do

becomes assembled in the worship of You.

Standing in the music-scapes

Iím the ďbabyĒ, sung to by musical shapes.

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