Inspiration for Temperance.

In rambling thoughts the camel said to me,

“The next symbol’s shadow is all you can see.

The vision of balanced will made pure

won’t occur while thought wanders, for sure.”

So I controlled thought as the key

and equilibrium freed beauty.

Then the sign of phallic energy

appeared in a vision I see.

Oceans of subjective memory

meet objective shores of all that be.

Here I stand by what grows before me

on this past/present shore is a tree.

The tree’s leaves joined the sun’s fire to water.

My hands felt them, cold and hotter.

In my right hand I was given fire.

The left poured fourth water without tire.

The left water comes from the right

since the right brain guides out of sight.

This reversal creates within

a lung tree that breaths oxygen.

The fire from my right hand creates steam

where it meets memory's ocean in this dream.

The left holds a cup I drain,

as my mind irrigates the objective plane.

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