Pornographic Mirage.

Solitude is life since the Hermit call.

Without my porno I’d have no sex at all.

Others see movies for the story.

All that I watch is pornography.

Some escape with movies they see.

I try to find some reality.

Watching beauty that I’ll never hold.

If only I could be so bold.

My sighing breath stands ecstasy tall.

This is my sex life inside my wall.

This is how it’s been since my great fall.

At least I don’t resort to a doll.

Orgies become a solo adventure.

Porno goes beyond the censure.

While others see filth and tend to flee

this artist knows its naked beauty.

While there may be those who would say,

“That’s wrong, you should not go that way.

It means you’re obviously gay!”

I make them wonder to this day.

Before you argue for porno’s ban

don’t knock the safest form of sex known to man.

For the intellectual

I’d like to coin the word “Monosexual”.

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