The First Location:

The Mountain I Must Climb.

In the wasteland on a camel I ride

the camel from above is my only guide.

My camel and I riding along.

Camel and I sing the spirit song.

Then my camel went on to say

he guides through the dark night to the day,

and now he guides me to a mountain

that emits waves like a fountain.

He tells me the mountain I must climb

at the proper place and proper time

and from the top I must try to see

the two other goals of this journey.

The first is a vision of balanced will.

Then one more goal I must find still.

I must find a symbol that makes sense

Of what’s to be my deliverance.

And so up the mountain I climb

for whatever reason or rhyme.

From the top I will see a lot.

The two mapped out goals I should spot.

At the top I could see very far.

I saw where the other two locations are.

This mountain I was dreaming

sent out electric signals it was beaming.

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