Visions Just Outside of View.

All alone with my mind I take the time

to close my eyes and find images sublime.

So I rubbed my eyes. Rubbed them a lot.

The light flew faster then I forgot.

Dreams fly in then seem to fall out,

then back again just outside of doubt.

Closed eyes look at what they are seeing.

Thought cries from memorys being.

Surrounded by a waking day dream

Im hounded by dreaming it would seem.

Ungrounded from the objective law

mind sounded out visions that I saw.

Around me is a psychedelic scene.

I can see beauty and obscene.

The sight is vivid memory lies.

Is it right to see while rubbing eyes?

Hallucinating like on drugs.

Creating while a finger tugs.

Alleviating eyelid bugs

with suffocating finger hugs.

I closed eyes to look at what I see

when sight dies and all there is to see is me.

Visions just outside of view,

visions that must be made of what could be true.

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