I headed downtown in difficult times

to find a dime bag of weed to keep me high.

To a part of town known for its crimes,

for its drugs, and many ways to die.

I had just purchased my weed,

out jumped two men with guns saying, “Freeze!”.

It appeared that I would not be freed,

two cops had just captured a sleaze.

There’s no denying, they found the bag,

so I figured that I had been caught.

I said their drug war was a real drag

and to hell with the war that they fought.

My arms were waving pointing my finger

when the cop walked into my hand.

My arm pulled back, it didn’t linger

then they threw me down into the sand.

Now I’m jailed for hitting a cop

also narcotics possession.

I just wish this drug war would stop,

this could be a peaceful nation.

My world replaced by the bars of jail,

there’s no escape, not much hope no medicine,

no money to post my bail.

No one thinks I am a decent citizen.

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