Lost Amongst Black

Broken Shades.

My soul filled with light, my spirit ablaze,

in the light of the spirit, the darkness fades,

but this wasteland has become a maze,

and Iím lost among black broken shades.

When the light dawned the darkness broke,

casting shadows all over my soul.

So the dawn was dark when I awoke

among shadows as black as coal.

The darkness within hid from the light

is unseen by the mindís darkened gaze.

Iím up against shadow hid from sight.

Evil lies that torment me always.

In the light of truth, darkness cannot hide.

Lies evaporate in the sun.

But a scarís on the soul deep inside,

where darkness was, before the light won.

Scars on the soul still leave a mark

that the light does not take away.

Where the scar is left its still dark

and a shadow lives in the day.

So these wasteland shadows surround me

in every direction that my light is tossed.

So my soul cannot be free

because among black broken shades, I am lost.

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