Drowning in the Wasteland.

Freed from jail. Finally out of that place

which spoke to me only with bars in my face.

Now I can view my world unconfined.

The world respects me and treats me kind.

Now I can return to the light

of the wasteland to which I take flight.

My mind, free from jail and legal thought

goes back to before I was caught.

When my mind wandered in the presence

of light shined from the wastelandís essence.

They say we forsake this light by roles

we play through the shadows of our souls.

As the light overtakes me it is bright

I am overwhelmed by the sight.

It seems I wasnít ready for this.

The wasteland has become an abyss.

Itís into the abyss I drown.

I go through all the times I frown.

Ideas return to my mind

as free as memories to find.

Drowning in a sea of all I knew

until my camel returned to see me through.

The camel can navigate.

Drowning in the wasteland will not be my fate.

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