Where the Camel Waters Wander

Under the Moon.

My camels on his way, heíll be here soon.

Where the camel waters wander under the moon.

Together riding the mindís wasteland.

a beast native to mind desert sand.

And now relieved of current plight,

a camel comes floating into sight.

I can see him floating to the tune

of what wanders under the moon.

Oh camel may we be together

Like grass to ground, bird to a feather.

Help me through the wasteland of my mind.

Through barren places help me to find,

the answer thatís hidden beneath a dune

or somewhere out under the moon.

Let us travel out there to ponder,

learn, find, see, and endlessly wander

passed the gate we go together

into the mindís wasteland weather.

The landscape is memory hewn

as I wander under the Moon.

The journey inward is what I love.

To find the Moonís waters that wander above.

The journey shall begin soon

where camel waters wander above the Moon.

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