The Medulla Oblongata Gate.

Across thoughts, memories, and many years,

and oceans made up of the depth of my tears,

to a place where time and space arrive

to find you mature yet still alive.

The mind and the body full grown

now arrive at a place all alone.

Here you can find if its not too late,

the Medulla Oblongata Gate.

The gate is where I hope to find,

A doorway to the world of my mind.

Also at the Oblongata Gate,

a guide shall find me while there I wait.

This guide is to assume a camel form,

to ride through any wasteland storm.

At the Oblongata gate I stay

cause my camel canít be far away.

I wait where body meets the mind

with a map of places to find

and somehow maybe make some sense

of what this gate bridges the fence.

And so I wait while my throat matures,

while my ears focus on what my voice nurtures.

So now I will sit and wait,

hear at the Medulla Oblongata Gate.

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