Looking for the Medulla Oblongata Gate.

To find first the doorway to all my fate.

To find the Medulla Oblongata Gate

I know its at the base of my brain,

but I walk on an astral plane.

Astral shapes the plane of mind

at the gate which I now seek to find.

Images take form, dart, dash and curve.

Play on the plane of brain and nerve.

At this gate I will take my rest

until guidance arrives for my quest.

My guide shall assume a camel form

to see me through the illusion storm.

Before the camel can become my guide

walking can be my only ride.

The Medulla Oblongata Gate,

is where I become the camelís freight.

Across the wastelands of my mind

we will travel in hopes to find

first a vision of self and hence

a symbol of deliverance.

And so, I watched the breath in my blood

and listened to my voice as well as I could.

I walked at a rapid rate

To see the medulla Oblongata Gate.

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