Wandering the

Wasteland Again

While alone in a crowded Universe

I pit my soul against the world's curse.

I follow the urge of my intent

to eat a forbidden sacrament.

When all at once my soul takes flight

to heights expanding the plane of sight.

When at last I settle to observe

a map made up of brain and nerve.

Upon it before me I behold

four places within me. I am told

the first is a door to all my fate,

the Medulla Oblongata Gate.

After that I see if I should follow

thought in my minds empty hollow,

a mountain within which I need climb

to find two other places in time.

The first of these a vision sure

of will in balance and made pure.

The final of these forms of sense,

a symbol of deliverance.

And so no longer the world of men

I find myself wandering wastelands again

Lost in shifting sands of brain

I must find the camel to guide me again.

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